No Pain (RSI Away)

Prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome from computer usage. RSI Away sends you a Windows 10 notification after a specified number of minutes to remind you to take a rest. Features 6 medical infographic pages that suggest several exercises to perform on each break (from 28 exercises total).

Features include:

Usage notes:



Legal notice:

RSI Away is available for use by individuals and organizations at their own risk. The suggested exercises in the app are intended to be safe for healthy individuals to perform. The exercises are not intended to be done in any discomfort or pain. If you feel any discomfort or pain etc., do not perform the suggested exercises and instead consider seeking professional medical advice. By using RSI Away, you agree to hold Hudson Software Development harmless for any misuse or problem that may arise in association with the app or the suggested exercises. Thank you.

Please take care of your body.

We hope you find the App helpful and have a good day.